Our Story (according to Amanda)

“The fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.”

Conrad and I first met through that dang couple Jake and Melissa who keep popping up. As the ever observant female I had absolutely no idea that it was any kind of set up. In fact, I distinctly remember talking to Melissa about a different boy I had a crush on while at Conrad’s place after SummerFest at the ski hill. Then he fed me some garlic butter cowboy dip and I fell in love. With the butter anyway.

A while later I turned 24 and hadn’t told friends it was my birthday. Melissa hosted a very last minute birthday party and this dude that made the good butter dip showed up with a PIE. I decided then that he was going to be my best friend forever and ever, and I explicitly told him so. We started hiking the ski hill at 5am with Melissa (presumably because we had all lost our minds). We also enjoyed wine and cigars together (not at 5am). There was one major moment of absolute and total dread when I thought our friendship was over and that Conrad was going to ruin it by expressing feelings. But he didn’t. Instead he told me he found the French really annoying (despite LOVING macarons). Phew.

Of course, a couple weeks later I started to develop my own feelings for this goofball that understood me so well and related to me about 80% of the time. I was a little bit in shock. Conrad is kind of a legend, in case you didn’t know. I kept waiting for him to say “just kidding” when telling me about his reactor and startups. Go ahead, google the man! It’s insane! So, when I went to Melissa and Jake to freak out over these feelings they were happy to point out the obvious.

“Amanda, he made you a pie. From scratch.”

“Yeah, but he’s just a nice guy.”

“Amanda, he made you a pie.”

So then I beat him to the punchline and asked out the pie guy. Since then, we’ve spent almost two years marveling at how well we fit, how right it feels to be together and how much joy we bring to each other’s lives.

Engagement? First off, Conrad has only surprised me on Valentines day 2017. After our first conversations about marriage, Conrad just straight up told me one morning that he’d ask my dad permission while we’re in AK. I told him he wasn’t supposed to tell me that. Next came the ring design. Being a good design engineer, Conrad had the ring 3D printed for a “test fit.” This involved me “looking away” as he tried to put it on my hand. We did this twice. Ironically when he proposed the ring didn’t fit because we had just hiked up a mountain and had food poisoning. Regardless, when he popped the question my response was an ever-romantic “I called it” followed by a puff of cigar, laughter, taking the ring, hugging and then realizing I better say “yes” outloud. Oops.

Our Story (according to Conrad)

It was July 26th. Melissa insisted I meet this girl she was clearly trying to set me up with. Since it's Los Alamos, and the guy to girl ratio is similar to SDSM&T I fully expected the odds to be bad and the goods to be odd...or something like that. Nonetheless, I was going to impress the socks of this woman the only way I knew how. By feeding her pie and a good cigar.

And it worked! Our friendship was off to a great start. We enjoyed drinking wine and smoking cigars in the park and bonded over our views of the French. We took hikes with friends to the local hot springs and explored the caves of Bandieler together.

Finally, when I was just getting the courage to ask her out on an actual, bona-fide date, she completely destroyed my masculinity by beating me to the punch. I almost left her right there. But I decided to give it a chance. After all, I've never been asked out on a date before!

This was the start of our descent into chaos. The first date was a total cluster. The pizza was cold, the movie was a Wes Anderson flick, my telescope didn't get set up right, yet we stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking about life. It was like meeting real Amanda for the first time...and she was AWESOME! Who knew pastor's kids could be cool?!

What impressed me all the more was how she handled what a disaster dating me is. Pretty much all of our dates have been blow outs. The first nice date that I took her on, the ass was completely blown out of my pants. A nice romantic hike to the hot springs was replaced with a 10 mile death march through the wilderness at 2 in the morning. OUR MATCHING TATOOS RUBBED OFF. Talk about a bummer.

The moment I decided I was going to marry this girl, was when I saw her swim 100 yards UP the Rio Grande and run another 100 through rocks to catch her inner tube that had blown away.

After talking to her Father and asking for his permission to take her hand in marriage I immediately began designing her the perfect ring. This took six revisions, and I cried a lot trying to get my 2014 copy of solidworks to cooperate. I was able to get it finished in time to propose over Christmas Vacation.

The plan was to hike her up Harney Peak and propose at sunrise. I got food poisioning from the Mongolian we had for supper the night before and had fever dreams of oversleeping my alarm. I didn't end up oversleeping. I hardly slept! The morning of the hike was windy. Not a gentle breeze but the kind of wind you'd experience trying to walk anywhere in Casper, Wyoming. When we got to the top, the sky was overcast, completely destroying the magnificent sunrise I had pictured in my head. Man plans and God laughs I suppose.

Now came the hard part, asking the question. Well not really. It was more the getting down on one knee part. The Mongolian food(poisioning) from the night before made the maneuver difficult to say the least. But I made it, my pants made it, and Amanda said yes!

There's my account. It's long, but I swear it's true.

Event Details

10,000' View:

  • Who: Amanda and Conrad.
  • What: We're getting married.
  • When: September 21st, 2019 at 11:00AM
  • Where: Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Los Alamos, NM
  • Why: As a sign of peace between two neighboring kingdoms.

  • Specifics:

    The wedding will take place as stated above, however the reception is scheduled for some time after the ceremony!!! This is important! It gives us time to take pictures, and it gives you time to get into your stretchy pants. Our good friend Dan Sheppard, known for his legendary 4th of July pig roast, will be catering our event. Don't worry there will be plenty of other food options available as well. Deb Tompkins, SDSM&T ECE Department Mother will be baking our cake.


    Wedding, 11AM, Immaculate Heart of Mary

    Reception, 4PM, Los Alamos Sheriff's Posse Lodge


    Traveling Down

    It is our official recommendation that you fly into Albuquerque. Santa Fe is smaller and closer but it's darn near impossible to get a ride up here and we've rented out the only uber driver in town (more on that below). If you are sure you can get a ride/rent a car and are okay with a higher ticket price then there is nothing wrong with Santa Fe.

    Staying Here

    There are several places to stay in Los Alamos, from AirBnbs to actual hotels. We'd recommend staying up here since everything else is quite a drive.

    We've put together a list of places to stay from closest to farthest from the church.

    Hotels and Inns:

  • Comfort Inn (0.7 Miles)
  • North Road Inn (1.2 Miles)
  • Canyon Inn (1.6 Miles)
  • Pueblo Canyon Inn (3.0 Miles)
  • Holiday Inn (3.3 Miles)
  • Hampton Inn (9.3 Miles)
  • Cities Of Gold (18.4 Miles)
  • Buffalo Thunder (20.8 Miles)
  • Or Anywhere in Santa Fe (~35 Miles)

  • Getting Around

    We've rented out the only Uber driver in town. He goes by Uber Mike or Mike Norwood and he's uber nice. He'll have a tip jar and be willing to run you anywhere between Los Alamos and White Rock on Friday and Saturday. We'll be giving out his business cards at the wedding and reception.

    Local Attactions

    We know...4+ hours is a long time to wait for food and Los Alamos is a small town. But we promise there's enough to keep you occupied and entertained for that time chunk. The city has no open container laws and it's not uncommon to enjoy a beer in the park. Feel free to grab a bottle of your favorite drink and meander through town!

    Below is a list of things to do and places to see that Amanda and Conrad put together.

    Ullr Fest

    Apparently we planned our wedding the same day as Ullr fest. You should have time to pop up for a quick beer and enjoy the joys of drinking at 9000' before the reception. The local beer fest takes place at the ski hill (viking apparel not required). Entry fee is like $20 and you get a beer glass and 1 beer ticket. Bring the glass to the reception and you can use it for more beer!



    One of the few grocery stores that has a bar and full-time sushi chefs. Grab a glass of beer and have one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches known to man. You can get Starbucks coffee here as well.



    If we told you we would have to kill you. So let the lab's science museum explain what we do to you! The Bradbury science museum is a collection of 75 years' of lab history. The venue is good for all ages.


    Ashley Pond

    Ashley Pond was once the only place to get a decent bath in this town. Now it's where the locals go for concerts. It's a wonderful spot to enjoy that nice glass of wine you picked out.


    Valles Caldera

    The Caldera is the crater left behind from the last supervolcanic eruption in the region. It is home to lots of elk and decent fishing ponds!



    Bandelier is the home of an early indian tribe that used to live in cliff dwellings.



    Los Alamos has almost too many nature trails for people to explore.

    Hiking Map

    Fuller Lodge

    Fuller lodge is the early boys' school that was up here before the lab was established. It is a gathering place for locals and holds many stories.


    Hot Springs

    The San Antonio hot springs are located 40 miles outside of Los Alamos in the Jemez Mountain range. The hike is anywhere from 1-10 miles roundtrip depending on if the road in is open or not. The views and warm water are well-worth the work to get there however. Don't forget your towel!


    Meow Wolf

    Are you looking to trip out? Don't want to fail a drug test? Meow Wolf is the perfect place to visit! It's an art exhibit they crammed into an old bowling alley that is extremely interactive. Spend as much or as little time there as you'd like.




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